Tuesday, November 18, 2008

The Left Hand of Darkness

I really enjoyed this book.
A person arrives on a planet to tell them that, just fyi, there are lots of other planets, inhabited by people, out there. So if you feel like interacting with us, we're all for it. Just fyi.
But the reason this book is so amazing is that the people on the planet are- and I'm not going to use the technical word because I don't remember it- neither male nor female. They're generic 'human'.
Chapter 7 is my favorite because the narrator speculates on what life could be like without gender. I read that chapter in the downtown library, and had to control the impuls to stand up and cheer. I really liked the world I was reading about.
It made me wonder why God didn't think of that and make us that way.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Peek inside my place...

My teapot, that I call chainik.

Our beautiful yellow backsplash in the cocina.

View from the bathroom

My IKEA light (that falls apart)

My bed!

That would be my closet, with makeshift lighting.

My $30 Goodwill chair and ottoman.